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    To get more Torrent, and enjoy your special life to the fullest!
    In our daily life, the main entertainment seems to have fun with our phone. There are many things that we can do with our phones, such as watching movies, listen to music or something else.
    We enjoy with our smart phone any time and any where. For example, when we go back home from work by yourself, we listen to music to drive away the tiredness and lonely and make the way become more interesting. When we feel alone in the midnight, watching a video may be the best choice. However, where will you get the resources of these videos,music and other materials that you need for your entertainment.
    How can you get them easily and quickly? En, this is really a question, we had to say. Do you have some recommendations? If not, here pay attention to our app-Your Torrent, form which you may can find what you need for your daily life.

    1.Your torrent, a total free app, provides several channels for you to get more data and material or even torrent for your life. And finally to let you have a better and more enjoyable life.
    2. It integrates the functions of torrent finder and torrent viewer, giving you more convenient for your life. Only by having it, you can have two simple apps for your use.
    3. There are three apps for you to get wide and useful torrent-Fenopy, The Pirate Bay and IsoHunt.

    How to use it.
    1.How to search for your desired Torrent?
    *Press "search " at the bottom of the main screen, choose one website of the three ones-Fenopy, isoHunt and the Pirate Bay.
    *Select one Torrent that you like most from the Torrent list and Enter into the download page.
    *Note: Please click the "DOWN" key instead of touching "download" on the web page.
    *Lastly the Torrent will be saved in the certain folder for your later use.
    2.How to download the torrent again for your view?
    *Click the "Torrent" Key, you will see all the folders in your SD card, choose the one that save your torrent.
    *Click the Item of one Torrent. "Do you want to download this torrent", choose yes to download and no to to give up.
    * Choose yes to enter into the downloading page and you can browse the logs of downloading. For the log, you can also set your preference by "preference." And other actions for log for you to view and use if you get it.

    With this app, keep you away from the endless searching for the data and resources. Do you like it? Do you think that you just lack An app Like This Your Torrent? Find a shortcut to enjoy more with your phone, Your Torrent can do it.
    Get it for your phone and yourself.
    If you like it, you can recommend it to your friends and family. Have some questions, email us!
    Have fun!

    A torrent works quite differently When compared to ordinary client-server download module. A torrent downloads different and various pieces of the file you want simultaneously from multiple computers.
    You download or get a torrent file (essentially a file containing meta data about all the files that were download able, including their names and sizes and check-sums of all the pieces in the torrent. It also contains the address of a tracker .)
    *Torrent client software(like u torrent,bit-comet and so on)communicate with a tracker to find other computers running torrent that have the complete file (seed computers) and those with a portion of the file (peers).
    *the client software with the help of the tracker traded the pieces of the file needed with other computers in the swarm. Thus enabling us to download multiple files simultaneously.
    Why does people like to use a Torrent?
    Different with other download methods, Torrent maximizes transferred speed by downloading the pieces of the files you wanted simultaneously from people who already had them. This process made very large files, such as videos and television programs, games download much faster than was possible with other methods.

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