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    This application is an Altimeter and Barometer Monitor designed for the Samsung Galaxy S III, S IV, Galaxy Notes, and Galaxy Nexus series phones. The altimeter displays the current weather, the sea level barometer reading, the pressure sensor reading, the pressure altitude, and the change in altitude since the last 'zero' setting.

    Tapping the top left corner information display will reset the Zero Setting.

    Tapping the center Pressure Altitude display will re-sample the current barometric reading.

    Sync, Database, Help, About, and Settings are available on the Action Bar.

    The Barometer Monitor collects the current weather conditions, sea level barometer reading, and the phone's barometer reading. The data is saved to a database every 15 minutes. The database can be 'dumped' to a CSV or SQL file which can be uploaded to your computer. The file can then be processed with a spreadsheet or database program.

    The Barometer Control and Display screen graphically displays the last 200 samples. When the sample count exceeds 200, the last 200 are initially displayed. To display earlier samples, swipe (scroll)the display horizontally.

    -- The Altimeter --

    The altimeter will show your pressure altitude, change in altitude, and current weather conditions. Set the zero point before you ride an elevator or climb a hill and see your change in altitude.

    The altimeter displays:

    - The sensor pressure reading in hectopascals and inches of mercury.
    - A zero setting used to calculate changes in altitude.
    - Pressure Altitude in feet or meters.
    - Change in altitude from the zero point in feet or meters.
    - Current weather conditions for your location
    - Humidity percentage.
    - Cloud cover percentage.
    - Wind speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour.
    - Wind direction as compass points and degrees.
    - Visibility in miles or kilometers.
    - Barometric sea level.

    -- The Barometer Pressure Sensor Monitor --

    The Barometer data collected by the monitor is graphically displayed on the Monitor Database and Control screen. The screen has 3 control functions:

    - Start the monitor
    - Stop the monitor
    - Dump the database to a CSV or SQL file

    The Barometer Monitor runs in the background building an SQLite database of samples every quarter hour. Once started, the monitor will run until stopped. If the phone is restarted or turned off and on, the monitor will restart.

    The Barometer Monitor is battery and data friendly. The monitor battery use is less than 1%. Internet data is less than 1000 bytes of data per sample. Running 24/7, that is less than 100 kilobytes a day.

    The monitor can dump the database to a file on your SD card. The file can be uploaded from your phone to a computer. The dump file record format can be either CSV or SQL.

    The CSV format can be processed by a spreadsheet program.

    The SQL format can be used to build an SQLite database. By editing the CREATE statement at the head of the SQL data, you can load the data into other database types such as MySQL.

    The database is stored on public storage on your phone. If you have SQLite capabilities on your computer, you can copy the SQLite database without the need to dump it to SQL. The native SQLite database is compatible with SQLite on your laptop or desktop computer.

    -- File Names --

    Database: galaxyabw_barometer.db
    CSV: galaxyabw_barometer_YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS.CSV
    SQL: balaxyabw_barometer_YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS.SQL

    YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS is the numerical year, month, day, hour, minute, and second that the file was created.

    -- Crittercism --

    Critercism has been removed.

    -- Disclaimer --

    The pressure sensor in the Galaxy phone is not a laboratory or aircraft quality sensor. Measurements between your phone and an aircraft altimeter or laboratory quality device will differ significantly. Measurements between phones may differ significantly. That said, the values captured on the same phone are reasonably accurate in relation to each other.

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