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    The Calgary Wind Warning App is a mobile version of the City of Calgary's Advanced Weather Forecasting System (AWFS) that provides hourly, site-specific wind gust forecasts for construction sites in the City of Calgary.

    The system uses multiple high resolution weather forecasts to provide advanced warning of up to 48 hours of wind gusts or adverse weather conditions that may cause wind gusts. The system is intended to be used in conjunction with other site safety procedures to prevent:

    - unsecured materials being blown from structures and falling to the ground;
    - loose materials being blown into and damaging nearby buildings; and,
    - structural damage caused by wind loads on tarps and other coverings / fabrics.


    - Quadrant specific wind warnings for home builders (2 stories or less) and low-rise buildings (4 stories or less);
    - Forecasts conditions are displayed hourly and are updated every 3 hours;
    - Indicates when there is potential for strong winds related to thunderstorms;
    - Registered users can access site specific forecasts for high rise construction and building maintenance;
    - Access to live data feeds from Calgary Airport and select anemometers on tower cranes;
    - List of construction items that are at risk of becoming windborne; and,
    - Relay of Environment Canada Weather Alerts.

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