Hail Recon




    Hail Recon by Interactive Hail Maps
    Developed by Conner Harkness

    Forensic Level Hail Maps
    - Radar accurate hail swaths allow you to pinpoint where the hail fell in ten highly accurate levels, ranging from ½” to over 3” hail in ¼” increments.
    - Location indicator lets you see exactly where you are in relationship to the hail swath.
    - Hail Finder allows you to find hail storms based on map location - just zoom to any specific location and tap “Find Hail in Current Map”.
    - On-the-ground hail reports confirms hail size and intensity with storm spotter measured hail hitting the ground.
    - View road map, satellite, and hybrid view by tapping the button at the bottom right corner of the map, then select one of the three map modes: Standard; Satellite; and Hybrid.

    Address Markers
    - Hail Recon makes it easy to take notes while you are in the field.
    - View where you’ve already canvassed, and where you’ve not yet been.
    - Drop a marker at your current location, or press the map for a second and it will drop there.
    - Indicate damage severity, hail size, wind damage and comments.
    - Drop a marker at a prospecting location and tap to get driving directions.
    - Find any address - tap the button at the bottom-right corner of the map screen to enter an address to find, and Hail Recon will drop a marker at that address on the map.
    - Generate, view, and email a comprehensive hail impact report based on any of your address markers.
    - Review your address markers on the app or on the full screen maps.
    - Your address markers are private to your account and cannot be seen by anyone else.

    Push Notification Hail Alerts
    - Alerts play different sounds for small, medium, and large hail reports.
    - Each account may have any number of devices subscribed to your hail alerts - just sign in on the device once, and you’re set!
    - Pause your alerts anytime with just a tap!

    - Integrates with your Interactive Hail Maps subscription for access to all historical storm dates (over six years)

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