Hakatte Geiger!




    Browse the site post dose, "Hakatte Geiger!" official app!

    In this application, the Hakatte Geiger! You can search and browse information posted to radiation in Japan.

    • This application Hakatte Geiger! Using the Search API and radiation dose measurement.
    • The information being posted by members reviewed the measurement of volunteer information.
    • This measure is included in the information is measured by a simple radiation measuring instruments. In the public sector is not measured by.
    • Report to post a login is required. Create a login account please do PC sites measured by Geiger.
    • Report submitted requested is only available spot. The current version has no new reporting capabilities.

    Verified devices: HTC Desire, HTC EVO 3D

    "Hakatte Geiger!" What?
    • The person does not have a Geiger counter, is a site that people have requested the measure.
    • The even without request, a voluntary post measurements, you can get the word out.
    • The measurement request so volunteers will not do to measure costs and compensation requests.
    Measurements and criteria are being published from information submitted by members asked all measurements.
    If you believe that now is in doubt, ask the re-measurement to measure upon request, we recommend using your own measurements.

    ※Hakatte Geiger! (Http:// quoted from

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