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    App to show live data of your home weather station's weather data using the clientraw.txt file uploaded to your web site by the (Weather Display) software or from your Wunderground or Davis IP data.
    Note: Requires NEON CPU Feature (i.e Phones in the last year have that):
    You can check for that with this app
    You can select different graphs, colours, units of measure,background image, update rate,data text size, bookmarks, web site bookmarks even (tip: bookmark your favourite first changing the URL and adding that to the 2nd bookmark), speech setup, included more data screen as well and "meso" data screen (list of bookmarked stations), and now a QR reader to read in a clientraw URL
    Use the phone home button to hide the will go to sleep in the background....when you want to see the latest weather data, just re launch it..will come up on screen in an instant (unless it restarts) then just tap the screen to get it to update again :)
    Note: Does not currently work with Version 5.0 of Android

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