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    This simple application gives you real time access to METAR and TAF for airports around the world
    and allows you to instantly decode metar information.

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    How to use the app :

    From home screen search for an airport by entering its ICAO code (ex. EDDF) or multiple airports by entering different ICAO codes separated by spaces (ex. EDDF EGLL EGCC).Tick “Taf” checkbox on the right if appropriate.

    Press “Fetch weather” button to download latest weather information from NOAA website or the “Reset” button to clear text from the search box.

    Note: some airports might not be available or recent weather information could be missing. In this case a “No METAR found” message will appear.

    A list will appear that shows for each station its raw information followed by taf information. Also a flight category appears at the top right corner saying if the station is in VFR, MIFR or IFR conditions.

    From this screen you can add the station or the group of station as a favourite search by pressing on ( Add this search to favourites) at the bottom of the screen. A Dialog box appears when you can give your search a name you like.
    For example if you looked for EGCC EGNX EGGP you can save the search as “Northern England”. This search will appear on the home screen.

    Press on the "copy to clipboard" button to paste Metar information to your favourite document or a different app.

    Simply press on the raw text to get a decoded plain text. From the decoded screen you can still save your search or visualize the raw text again. You can also get more station information by pressing on “Station” button or on the airport name at the top of the screen.


    Access the settings menu (by pressing the “menu button” on your device to change some settings for this app.
    ”Theme color” settings lets you decide from blue or black color combination.
    “Default Location” lets you choose a default station to show weather information on the home screen from your favourite location.
    Please note that you have to enter a valid ICAO code when dialog box appears or leave the textbox empty to clear this preference.

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