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    Check the weather charts from,,,,, and Wetterzentrale pages.

    This application is ideal to make weather predictions. It allows you to have direct access to major European weather websites that publish the most relevant and popular weather models.

    All in one place. Save time and keep all the information in one application. Check the forecast of rainfall, temperature, humidity, storms, wind, geopotential, atmospheric pressure, gas emissions, air quality and more!

    View the different bases and use a practice photo images with the ability to zoom and move images automatically.

    Use the control panel to see your favorite maps together and to compare models and bases.

    See diagrams GEFS with the desired latitude and longitude, or capture them from your current position with GPS.


    Currently available:

    * GFS

    Maps from, and Wetterzentrale.of temperature, cloudiness, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, wind...

    * NAE

    Maps from of temperature, cloudiness, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, wind...

    GEFS - According latitude and longitude, with the possibility of using the GPS or mobile network

    diagrams from meteociel and wetterzentrale.

    * NAVGEM

    WeatherOnline Maps

    * ECMWF

    WeatherOnline and Meteociel maps

    * HIRLAM

    Spain (AEMET)


    European Storm Forecast Experiment

    * WRF

    Meteociel Maps

    * BOLAM Maps


    High resolution weather maps, maps of air quality and emissions.

    Data and / or images CALIOPE model, operated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (


    Available in Spanish, Catalan , French and English


    Features of the full version:

    * All high resolution maps of CALIOPE meteorology, air quality and emissions.
    * Up to 14 maps in the panel
    * New features and new models will be available initially only in the full version
    * No ads

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