SeaWeather - Marine Weather Forecasting




    [Updated August 2018] - SeaWeather is Weather Routing, Inc.’s supplemental subscription based website and mobile application that provides a suite of weather tools and information. Subscribers have access to:

    • Real Time Surface Observations
    • Satellite Imagery
    • Radar Imagery
    • 6 Hourly Global Forecast Charts for:
    - Wind Direction/Speed
    - Sea and Swell Height/Directions/Periods
    - Precipitation
    - Sea Level Pressure
    - Visibility
    • Tropical Cyclone Tracker
    • WRI Heavy Weather Alerts & Hazards
    • Global Forecast Coverage
    • Request a Weather Forecast
    • View Archived Forecasts and Latest Meteogram

    Weather data and forecasts are continuously received and processed in house and immediately distributed to the website and mobile application. You have complete control over the map at the tip of your finger. You can pan the map all over the world and zoom in and out. The forecast maps provide graphical forecasts going out 2 days for Basic subscribers, and 7.5 days for Premium subscribers. The Angler’s Basic and Premium subscribers will have additional access to the Fishing Planner. Visit for more information about subscriptions.

    We do offer 15-day free trial of Premium SeaWeather (including access to the Fishing Planner) under no obligation to subscribe. If interested tap the Free Trial icon, and set up your account appropriately.

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