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    Singapore weather with radar map display, PSI alert and 24hrs Raining alert/Rain Stop Alert by any location in Singapore.

    - Rain start & stop + PSI (hazy day only, psi > 90) + Sumatra hotspot(>120) alert
    - Weather info like temperature, UV, PSI.
    - 7 days forecast
    - 1 Radar Map
    - Raining cloud radar map in animation
    - raining cloud movement prediction
    - Full screen map display
    - 3 hours nowcast
    - forecast data every 3 hours
    - bookmark landmarks/locations
    - Weather Today, additional weather info like humidity, wind, sunrise and sunset, moon phase and tide.
    - text to speech for weather highlight
    - Marquee text (Running text)

    - weather now

    VIP services:
    - Remove Advertisement service (yearly ~US$2)

    Map Button features:
    Lets start from buttons on the left. First button can toggle fullscreen mode and
    fullscreen ads will show, banner ads will hide. 2nd button can set your bookmark locations. You may
    enable rain alert here. 3rd button is the 7days and every 3 hrs forecast. Last
    button showing astronomy info.

    1st button on the right will toggle the radar image on the map to be 10mins forecast
    mode. You will see the raining cloud with shadow, the shadow is the NEXT 10mins
    movement base on wind speed. 2nd button on the left will show NEA 2hrs nowcast as weather icon on the map.

    For buttons at the bottom, 1st one from left is the Setting button, you can do some
    setting and purchase our services here. 2nd button is radar animation, total six
    images start from ~30mins ago. 3rd button will fit your map view focus on whole Singapore
    land. 4th button will enable your GPS, your map will keep focus on your current
    location, you may disable it by click the button again. The last button Refresh
    button, it will refresh all data.

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