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    • Temperature Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions

    • Temperature Celsius to Fahrenheit conversions

    • Rainfall Inch to Millimeter (same as Liter per Sq. Meter) conversions

    • Rainfall Millimeter (same as Liter per Sq. Meter) to Inch conversions

    • On-the-fly calculations while User entering the numbers

    • Takes both whole and decimal input

    • Takes both positive and negative numbers for temperature

    • The theoretical limits of -459.67F (-273.15C) for negative temperatures were respected

    • Simple and elegant UI

    • Runs on both phones and tablets

    • Fits on any screen size automatically

    Internet connection is NOT required!

    Keep this app handy on all of your mobile devices, because you're going to need it rather sooner, than later!

    If you also need to make Kelvin conversions, please check out our Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin Temperature Converter, found right here in the Play Store.

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