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    Arrive safely.

    Family vacation? Long-haul trucking? Heading to a motorcycle rally? Touring a cycling route? We want to ensure you get there safely.

    There's nothing like the uncertainty of knowing if you'll reach your destination, or having to cancel that trip you've planned for weeks. Instead of searching for weather forecasts city-by-city, get all the information you need all at the same time, in an easy to understand display.

    * Check the current weather through your entire road trip and compare city forecasts side-by-side. See if there's snow in that high mountain pass or high winds across that lonely rural highway, all at the same time.

    * Get recommendations for the best time to start your trip.

    * View the full route of your trip or individual legs with interactive Google Maps.

    * View highway camera images for your trip from nearby traffic cameras. (Look for the camera icon when viewing the map!)

    * Be alerted about severe weather alerts along your route.

    * Adjust the time of your trip to see the forecast up to several days ahead (use the slider!).

    * Add planned rests to account for stops.

    * Check extended weather forecasts for daily summaries.

    * It's not just the temperature: Wind and precipitation levels inform whether travel is safe.

    * Global weather forecasts, for all regions of the globe.

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