WeatherSignal uses native phone sensors to measure local atmospheric conditions, which are then displayed on our live-updating weather map. Join the world's largest crowdsourced weather project.

    Readout for all the sensors on your device (think Tricorder - but real!)
    Widgets for temperature, magnetic, light, humidity and pressure sensors (if you have them)
    Save all data to CSV - play with it however you like
    Map of readings of other users and of your own, see averages within each map window, click on icons to see full readout
    Manual reports
    Tons of graphs (for geeks like us :))
    Contribute to our maps (you can turn off sharing in settings)
    Share data to help us improve the weather forecast
    Looks great on tablets

    Turn your device into a thermometer, barometer, lightmeter and hygrometer - depending on which sensors your device has - with this app your phone is a mobile science kit!

    Get the beta:

    By using WeatherSignal you become part of the world's most ambitious weather crowdsourcing project – helping to record weather patterns on a more localised level than ever before. We are working with numerous meteorological institutions, including the Univ. of Washington, Birmingham Univ. and the UK Met Office. Your readings help us improve weather forecasting for everyone!

    Featured in the New Scientist and Scientific American!

    *Thermometer readings are experimental!*

    *** This app is experimental! Individual TEMPERATURE readings may be incorrect, but when averaged over many users we get reliable information for our community powered maps. ***

    The app works best on the Galaxy S4 since it has the most sensors. Get a StormTag to add sensors to your phone.

    The WeatherSignal app can measure:
    Pressure (certain devices only)
    Temperature (see note)
    Light Intensity
    Humidity (Galaxy S4 only)
    Magnetic Flux
    Acceleration (turn on in application settings)

    This app features Google's Activity Recognition: monitor when you're walking, in vehicle, on a bicycle. Save the results to CSV and perform your own analysis/create maps, for example for quantified self.

    *** TEMPERATURE ***

    We’ve come up with an algorithm that translates battery temperature into ambient temperature – making your phone a thermometer. For each user this is approximate but there is a very strong correlation between battery and ambient temperature when spread over a crowd of users. If you are using a cell phone without an external thermometer then the temperature reading you’ll see is a battery temperature reading converted through our algorithm. Often the algorithm will get it wrong, but we've shown that with appropriate averaging and filtering, these readings correlate extremely well with external ambient air temperature.

    The Galaxy S4, which has an ambient air temperature thermometer, may produce incorrect readings if the phone is hot due to use.

    *** PRESSURE ****

    Devices that contain barometers include:

    Galaxy Nexus
    Galaxy S3, S4, Note (1,2,3)
    Nexus 4
    Nexus 10
    Xiaomi MI-2

    Units available:
    millibars/hPa inches of mercury aka Hg or inches H
    centigrade/celsius and Fahrenheit

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