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    Published: 2013-06-26, by Peter Warrior.

    A non-stop action game

    • Intense and thrilling gameplay
    • More than adequate graphics and sound
    • Free, no ads.
    • Needs more stuff

    "Drive carefully"

    This is the Japanese version of Mutant Roadkill. There's no need you look for its review, as we have pasted it below:

    Mutant Roadkill start just as it's installed, without previous menus nor anything. You are left in a post apocalyptic near future road with an armored car and an infinite supply of gas. Tilt to steer and swipe to skid. If you are lucky enough to get a weapon, tap tap tap to use it. Knock down and run over mutant zombie anthropomorphic creatures (in lack of a better word) and try to get the farther the better avoiding debris and obstacles. Gather coins to buy better cars and power ups, aware that this seems to be a never-ending game which only goal is to have you playing for a long while.

    Frankly, game's somehow a Mad Max version of Temple Run, and it share with it some flaws, for example, the store is very limited to new cars and a few power-ups. Scenery is also limited to wasteland and wastecity, so sometimes you lose the feeling that you are advancing and moving away from the initial point. However, enemies will try to hop on your car and difficult your moves. Although we have seen this before somewhere, it's still a great addition to the game. We'd like there were more cars to purchase and even some customization options, and perhaps an another game mode where you can compete against other vehicles or actually fight or cooperate with them.

    Game's free and there aren't ads beyond own Glu's ones. Of course, you can always exchange real money for in-app currency through an in-app purchase if you want to boost your progress or get unique cars.

    Anyway, even though we don't like comparisons, it's as good as Temple Run if not better. If they would have been released at once, there would have been a nice chance that we bet for this instead of that.

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    Jun 26, 2013

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