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    Alien Apocalypse's review

    Published: 2013-10-22, by Peter Warrior.

    A 3D endless runner

    • Above average technical performance and graphics
    • Thrilling and intense gameplay
    • It may become repetitive

    "Would it be Apocalien or Alienlypse?"

    Well, it was pretty obvious that a game called "Alien Apocalypse" would catch our attention, no matter it was a yet-another endless runner. Yes, can I say it? It's like T*mpl* Run with aliens, and an additional outstanding feature: you can shoot back, so your main incentive will be to get all the weapons and upgrades. In addition, stages have a sort of end, making of it a much more playable and interesting game than others in its species.

    This game can be played for free, though you can sell your house for in-app purchases if you want to get those flashy upgrades really quick.

    In the end, a cool 3D runner with explosions and thrilling action, a nice array of achievements and awards, and online leaderboards in case you are into online leaderboarding. Recommendable as the good timewaster it is.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Oct 22, 2013


    The invasion of Earth has begun!

    The Alien invaders are setting up their bases in the heart of the tropical jungles of the planet and everything now seems lost... but fortunately the human race have Zambo on their side!

    Zambo, the arsenal man, alone is worth a whole army! Equipped with bombs, pistols, machine gun, plasma gun, flamethrower and bazooka ...He is an unstoppable force! And what of his powerful robot "the pulper" that he can drive in battle?

    Who can stop you? Run through the jungle to fight the horde of horrible and slimy alien creatures from other worlds! The mission is to destroy all the alien spacecrafts's cores and eliminate the enemy.

    The war has begun, play as Zambo and go down in battle now!!

    - Complete missions and destroy all the alien spaceships!
    - Equip a variety of weapons and smash to pieces all the monstrous enemies!
    - Enter robot mode, become invulnerable and get the maximum firepower!
    - 3D graphics of the highest quality and in Full HD!!!
    - Collect coins to buy several items and power-ups in a well assorted virtual store!
    - Supports Google Play Games: compete with players all around the world thanks to leaderboards and achievements!
    - Supports both smartphones and tablets!

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