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    Published: 2013-10-09, by Janel.

    Hack and shoot your way through hordes of veggie-zombies

    • Definitely bloody
    • Many weapons/skills upgrades available
    • Smooth gameplay
    • Cumbersome controls

    "Cook on a rampage"

    What happened to Chef Harry? What's gotten him in such a vengeful tizzy? Did his soufflé fall? Has someone messed with his mise en place? Listen to me: none of that matters, not now that he finds himself the sole human in the midst of bloodthirsty vegetable zombie creatures. Bloody Harry gives you a fighting chance at survival in this gruesome realm.

    Guide Harry through woeful cityscapes, littered with garbage, hidden bullets, and health kits. Make it to the end and you'll earn a crown, but to do so you'll have to slash and shoot your way through the endless onslaught of zombies. Bonus points for headshots!

    Pick up enough coins and crowns, and you'll have enough stashed away to afford all sorts of weapons and skills upgrades. Earn armor to protect yourself from the the jaws that bite and claws that snatch. Entice trustworthy allies to follow you, and they just might save your sorry hide in a pinch.

    The controls are slightly cumbersome. The bottom of the screen mimics an old-school console controller with buttons for attacking and a joystick for movement, which means it isn't always easy to manipulate Harry ballet-like through the monster swarms.

    Bloody Harry is a pleasantly grisly distraction, recommended for those with a taste for battling their way through cartoon gore.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 09, 2013


    Join "Bloody Harry" on his hunt for vegetable-zombies!

    There's a neverending supply of Weapons, Ammo and reasons to chop, smash and shoot them into pieces.
    While you fight your way through the hordes of foul creatures, you'll eventually climb the career ladder in the global highscore list.

    You'll also run into giant boss-zombies which may eat all your ammo before they finally make a return as harmless dessert. Sounds tasty you say? It is!

    - Endless Fun
    - 15 weapons, additional upgrades
    - Powerups like armor, allies and more
    - Awesome Music and Sound FX
    - Fully voiced, fun comments from the Cook
    - Tons of Missions and Rewards
    - Level Ups and Perks to choose

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