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    Published: 2013-01-15, by Manu Galvez.

    Bloody Monsters is an entertaining arcade shooter

    • Up to 200 levels
    • Upgradeable weapons
    • Different monster units
    • Graphics and physics
    • Childish

    "Not a single monster standing"

    Actually physics matter in this well-crafted shooter. Since bullets are bouncy and you have to clear the level of monsters using the minimum bullets, you'll have to make the most of angles and bounce physics to get the highest score.

    You embody an armed monster-killer who's willing to free the world of those frightening monsters. Gameplay is quite simple: drag to aim and tap to shoot a bullet. Don't waste the bullets: as many bullets left when finishing the level, the more points you'll get (5K/each). Those points will determine if you get one, two or three stars in each level. Likewise, it will allow you to upgrade your weapons by purchasing them from the in-app store.

    Although the game could seem too easy in the first levels, it gets harder: there are up to 200 levels. You better get comfortable and upgrade your weaponry. Graphically looks bit childish though. Actually, beside the physics that must be taken into account, controls and artwork are quite kid-friendly. Adults will find the game interesting from the level 20 or later. Hard-gamers should forget it, this isn't for you.

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    Jan 15, 2013


    Bloody Monsters - Extremely Fun Shooting Game by RV AppStudios

    Shoot the bloody monsters & survive the carnage, in this extremely fun arcade shooter game with a bouncy twist. Bloody Monsters provides hours of entertainment as you master the art of a shooter in this fun shooting game. The monsters are everywhere and your job is to "Shoot The Bloody Monsters"! You have limited bullets but they bounce all over the place.

    Unlike other shooting games your bullet can kill multiple monsters in one shot. The bullets are super powerful and keep killing till they stop bouncing, so try to use as few bullets as possible for a higher score. Simply aim & fire and hope the bullets bounce your way.


    Key Features:

    Kill Different Kinds Of Monsters

    Experience The Sensation Of Firing Bullets Wildly

    Multiple Powerful Guns & Weapons

    200 Levels Of Fun (More Levels Coming Soon)

    Awesome Blood & Gore Animations

    Realistic & Fun Blood Sounds


    Over 2300 Review & 4.7 Star Rated

    Review Highlights

    "It's the game you're playing when you tell someone "hang on, one more level", & next thing you know 2 hours have flown by!"

    "This game is awesome."

    "Best game I have ever played."

    "Extremely challenging zombie shooting game, absolutely loved the physic of the game"


    The game includes multiple different monsters and provides various powers to help kill the monsters. While the bouncy bullet is extremely powerful, at times you'll need to use some of the more powerful guns & weapons. Each gun has specific properties that will help you beat the level. Save your ammunition & special powers till you end when you might need them the most.

    Bloody Monsters, is a super addicting strategy shooting game that will keep you entertained for hours. If you love physics game and love blood & gore; and are in the mood for some serious gun shooting fun then this game is for you. Tip: Be sure to assassinate all the monsters with a clean headshot for bonus points & fun.

    Why Play Bloody Monsters?
    If you're into sniper shooting games, where you are the shooter looking to kill, then Bloody Monsters is the absolutely best 'take a break game' for hard core gamers. With Bloody Monsters you get to play a shooter game in a more relaxed mode, since one bullet can kill multiple monsters and bounce all over the place! Bloody Monsters is a relaxed fun physics game, yet it still has that awesome blood & gore feeling when shooting those bloody monsters. Bloody Monsters is an extremely fun shooting game. Download Bloody Monsters Today!


    Bloody Monsters offers tablet optimized UI and game play. Download and play this fun shooting game on any Android optimized tablet and enjoy HD graphics and sounds.

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