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    Bombardment - the action-packed real-time battleship game for 1-2 players on the same device. Control mighty battle ship turrets and try to defeat the other captian. You have to sink your opponent's battleship by bombing it with rockets and missiles. Both players play on the same device against each other. If there is just one player, there is the option to play against a computer controlled enemy.

    Gameplay and controls:
    During the game the two players face each others' battleships. The aim is to bring the life bar of the enemy battleship to zero and the winner is the first to blow their opponent up! Each battleship has four turrets. At the beginning these are all normal canons but can be specialised and upgraded throughout the game. The turrets swing through a 90 degrees angle automatically. The player can fire a canon by touching it. A fired canon needs to cool down for three seconds before you can fire again (during this time it will be greyed out). To hit the enemy's battleship the player has to time their tapping well in order to launch their missiles in the right direction. Rockets can stop other rockets by colliding with them. If two rockets collide, then it is the player on the same side as the collision who gets the game-cash for the collision. Players can buy turret upgrades from this game-cash every 60seconds (end of playround) on a special upgrade menu.

    Each normal canon can be upgraded to one of four special turret systems. Once chosen these upgrades can't be removed or downgraded. Specialised canons can be upgraded twice to a higher level within their kind.

    HEAT: The heat canon is a pure defence weapon that can't damage the enemy's battleship. Instead of rockets this turret sends out a special heat wave that can destroy multiple missiles.

    MINI: The mini-gun canon launches normal rockets but has a shorter cool down time. This makes it possible to cause a rain-shower of bombs on the highest upgrade level.

    STUN: The stun canon fires eletric bolts instead of missiles. These can't damage the enemy's battleship but can instead disable enemy turrets for a while.

    CLUSTER: The cluster canon launches special rockets that split up on their way to the enemy ship, forming multiple normal missiles and causing therefore a lot of damage.

    !NEW!: TORPEDO: The torpedo canon fires torpedos that go under water. They can't be stopped or bounced back.

    !NEW!: BOUNCE: The bounce canon fires a shockwave that bounces back all normal missiles.

    Developer-Comment v1.4: Hey, thank you for reading the description so far :-) If you like this game then I am more than happy to receive positive comments and good ratings on it. Good ratings encourage me to develop more features and deliver faster.
    (Possible future features: Single player campaign, online mode, more computer enemies, more turret types, etc.).

    Developer-Comment v2.0: Thank you all. My initial comment resulted in a lots of good ratings which encouraged me to put lot more effort into the new version. New graphics, new sounds, new game modes, new turrets (bounce + torpedo), leaderboards, achievements,... I hope you like it and keep rating well ^^. Next on the to-do list would be a single player campaign.

    Thank you very much for reading and have fun playing the game
    Marco :-)

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