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    Published: 2013-05-10, by Peter Warrior.

    A driving game where run-overs give extra points

    • Fun, yes, fun
    • Multiple control and customization options
    • There should be an option to remove passers-by
    • No multiplayer mode

    "The greatest sporting event since the day the Spartacus!"

    Carmageddon was one of the most polemic games ever, to the extent that some say that the poor image videogames have nowadays comes straight from that PC game released back in 19 97, when media worldwide echoed of how governments banned the game and pull it out from the shelves. In hindsight, we can say that it wasn't a so good game then, but it was fun, and players worldwide enjoyed playing something "forbidden". Whether people knew that it was brazenly inspired by a film premiered more than twenty years earlier (David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone, it ain't chopped liver), the legend was born.

    Sixteen years later, Carmageddon lands on Android in a complete different environment: there are umpteen similar games, physics and graphics have far evolved from those un-rendered 3D models, so there was only a way left to cut through the noise, this is, play the nostalgia and the controversy cards at the same time, and that's what we have here. Carmageddon is a mediocre racing or driving simulator game, because it isn't either of both. It's a game about chasing, crashing and hear the screams of enemies and passers-by alike. By the way, controls are smooth though your car hasn't to be so, don't forget to use the map (you can/should prowl anywhere, but there are checkpoints for a reason called "laps") and play with the replay, even when unfortunately there isn't a way to record your catches.

    Therefore, it's fun. It isn't children-friendly fun. It isn't even morally acceptable fun, and perhaps that is the true message behind this game then and now: to ask ourselves what fun is.

    This promo version will only be available on May the 10th, 2013. Game will cost $2 thereafter.

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