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    Published: 2014-01-10, by Manu Galvez.

    Children's Play is a game developed to raise awareness about the fordist way products are made

    • Original game concept
    • Artwork and background music
    • Touchscreen response
    • Social / educational commitment
    • Different game modes / environments would enhance playability
    • No global online leaderboards (only via G+)

    "Go go go! Keep up productivity!"

    This is one of those original game concepts that comes up only once in a blue moon. A game that merges entertainment and social criticism, pleading for playing as the best way to raise awareness.

    You are the new factory manager in a teddy bear manufacturer's factory. You must ensure that child employees don't fall sleep and keep producing in good conditions (light, cleanliness and air circulation). In addition, you must keep away nosy press from telling the world how your products are being made.

    Tap to interact with the different elements of which you must take care about. Don't be too insistent though or caresses can turn into work harassment, which is the way to see your company shut down. Be alert, be gentle and, above all, be productive. That's the way to succeed in our fordist-like world.

    It goes without saying that the longer you last, the higher the score. You can share your personal best through G . And that's precisely the only catch worth to mention: it would be just great sharing scores on global leaderboards (not just G ).

    The artwork is excellent, so the relaxing background music is. Original, committed and well-crafted. Highly recommended.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jan 10, 2014


    Children’s Play is a game raising awareness about the way products are made in factories and sweatshops.
    - The Teddy Bear talks in the Menu
    - The gamer wakes up child workers who fall asleep by sliding through the space of the factory
    - Interactive elements that bring points: rats, the press, spider webs, and others to discover by tapping on the screen
    - Quotes and facts about work in the Loading screen
    - Original soundtrack
    - 100% indie game
    - No permissions required, ad free

    Children’s Play is a socially aware satire with visuals drawn by a children’s book illustrator. In the game six children build a Teddy Bear, and the gamer’s aim is to keep them awake, fix various problems in the factory, catch a nosy photographer, and make sure that the product is successfully finished.

    This game is a part of the “Shopping Cart Art Project” that contains award-winning short films, installations, drawings, and games. For more details visit:

    - Higher screen brightness and higher screen contrast for the best visual experience.
    - Unfortunately, the game might not work on some older smartphones due to a lower graphic memory capacity.

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