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    D-Touch (Port of Doom)

    by: Beloko Games 1.2K 9.4

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    FULL GAME DATA IS NOT INCLUDED! Please read the description before buying (No really, please read it :-)

    This an UNOFFICIAL Source port of the Doom Engine by Beloko Games

    *** VERY IMPORTANT ***
    This version does NOT contain the full Doom game data! If you wish to play the full version, you need to own the Doom WAD files and copy them to your device.
    Doom 1, 2, Ultimate, are available to buy from Steam:

    Please contact support if you're unclear as to the meaning of this.

    NO RISK PURCHASE - As with all my apps, this has full money-back guarantee at ANY time.

    FreeDoom Phase 1 and Phase 2 are now downloaded in the app.

    This is the best port of Doom, featuring 3 of the best Doom engines!
    Chocolate Doom

    It allows you to play all commercial version of Doom you have.

    Most custom Wads and Mods can be played on the GZDoom or PrBoom engines

    Play this classic on your mobile, with many great features:
    *OpenGL Rendering on PrBoom, or Classic 320x240 Software Mode
    *Timidity and Fluidsynth music
    *The best and most customisable touch screen controls for any FPS
    *Full Gamepad support
    *Access to ingame keyboard to enter cheats
    *Access to console in GZDoom (go to Options menu)
    *Advanced Quick Mod and Wad selection system, allowing you to 'stack' mods
    *6 Custom buttons to play your mods (see website)
    *Multi-touch zoom and pan map control for GZDoom
    *Play thousands of user created levels and Mods
    *Full GZDoom engine, it will also play Hexen, Heretic and Strife games

    Please contact support if you are experiencing ANY difficulties. Thank you.

    'Doom' is a registered trademark of id Software. All trademarks are used under the terms of Fair Use. Screen shots are from "FreeDoom". NO Doom data is downloaded or included in the app, including the demo.
    This is a GPL port of and fully complies with the license.

    Touch icons by Ivan M,

    “FMOD Studio, copyright © Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2014.”

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