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    Published: 2015-11-20, by .

    Choose and upgrade your weapon and take out zombies before you're next

    • Impressive graphics
    • Weapon upgrades
    • You need a high-end device
    • A lot of ads

    "Take out zombies in 2 different game modes"


    Upgrade your weapons or zoom in on an enemy in Death Shooter 3D to take out ravenous hordes of zombies before you become their next victim. You can play through this game in two different modes: Counter Strike and Zombie War Mode. The more zombies you take out, the more money you earn to add that quite necessary upgrade, like the silencer, to not have zombies pinpoint your location, or better armor, so you can last longer in the battlefield.


    Death Shooter 3D’s top-down visuals are truly quite impressive and the gameplay is quite fun. There are a ton of upgrades to choose from, so two weapons are never the same.


    You need to have a pretty high-end device in order to run Death Shooter 3D smoothly without any lag. Like a true zombie apocalypse, be prepared for an onslaught of ads that appear even in the middle of an intense firefight that may take down your device.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Nov 20, 2015


    Death Shooter is a 3D shoot game.
    It's have two modes: Counter Strike and Zombie War.
    Different feeling , different modes
    how to play:
    -equipment silencer will not be found in few times to killer Enemy .
    -upgrade your weapon's magazine to increase capacity and reduce reloads.
    -upgrade your weapon's scopes to increase damage and zoom.
    -upgrade your weapon's silencer to increase critical.
    - upgrade levels increase hp max value.
    -kill npc before he alert will not spotted.
    -bomb coming get behind cover will safe.
    -kill star Enemy will get surprise.
    Experience more are played in the game.
    Enjoy the game!

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