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    Published: 2013-03-19, by Peter Warrior.

    A 3D defense game

    • Thrilling, intense
    • Easy to learn yet challenging
    • 3D graphics but doesn't need a high-end device
    • It may be too static

    "Whatever it takes"

    Defence Effect can perfectly be the next step in defense games, not because its plot, which is rather the usual story about how world goes to hell in easy installments, but for its 3D-like environments. Although it's an static game, it's thrilling enough to get you hooked.

    Game's about bunkering yourself and riddle any incoming enemies till they blow away. Enemies can come by land, air or water, and what starts as an easy mission, essentially protecting a turn on the only way path, gets more challenging and difficult every time. That's why is so important to get the best weapons you can afford, because enemies become faster and their armor-plates heavier at every stage. Ammo and shields play an important role also. Campaign mode is quite interesting and it makes this game worthy to be downloaded by itself, but there are also two other alternative game modes to make its playable life longer.

    Therefore, a great game if we take into account that it runs smoothly on average devices, full of possibilities and entertainment, and a fresh approach to defense games.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Mar 19, 2013


    We present you the new game – Defence Effect. Spectacular gameplay, serious opponents and innovative game mechanics.

    Two game modes: Campaign, where you'll need to earn your weapon and Survival, where the number of your enemies is unlimited.

    In 2020, The Most Global World Crisis hit the Earth into darkness of internecine wars and local conflicts.
    You are a soldier of the free Republic of Soledad. You should defend your lands from the invasion of the Armada of General Kuhn and for that you have a bunker turret, variety of weapons and infinite ammo.

    Protect your lands. Sector by sector. Building by building.
    Use the power of various weapons. Such as Gaussian Gun, which can hole the armor of a tank. Or gun Avenger, which will turn the enemy tank in the sieve in one second! Or you prefer artillery? You can also use modifiers so playing will be even more interesting!


    Key game features:
    - Two game modes: Campaign and Infinity
    - Three difficulty levels are available in game settings - check your character!
    - 28 stages in champain
    - Elaborate system of purchases and improvements for weapons.
    - 10 different weapons and more in development.
    - Re-charging Energy Shield
    - 6 kinds of fire support
    - 12 types of ammo modifiers
    - Realistic opponents with different tactics and different behavior
    - Land, air and amphibious units.
    - Support from friendly units.
    - Graphics and the image quality settings

    Warning! Low FPS on following devices:
    Samsung P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Motorola XOOM MZ604
    HTC One V
    HTC Desire Z

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