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    Published: 2015-11-23, by .

    Step back in time for 80s style retro-arcade gaming

    • Cool retro graphics
    • Good sound effects
    • Responsive controls
    • Needs more variety
    • Gets kind of boring
    • Not everyone will be a fan

    "Welcome Back To The 80s"


    Are you yearning for that retro arcade experience on your mobile device? Well, now you've got it! Escape Endless Arcade Action transports you back to retro-style 80's arcade style gaming. You have to dodge the evil minions, whether to the left or the right. Are your reflexes fast enough? Play to find out!


    Retro-style action that plenty will love. The sound effects also compliment the style of gameplay quite well. The controls are responsive and the load up times are quick. This is no-frills quick fail retry action.


    It could use a little more variety to the gameplay. Understandably it's a retro game, but gameplay gets a little boring after a short while. Not everyone will be a fan of the graphics.


    by William

    Nov 23, 2015


    Escape From Hell is all about your speed, agility and observation. It's a tribute to 80's arcade gaming, featuring 3D graphics, memorable epic soundtrack and simplicity of gameplay, providing a dose of pure simple and easy fun.

    Escape from Hell is meant to resemble classic arcade games, mostly in terms of combination of uncomplicated gameplay mechanics and excessive level of difficulty. 'The Adrenaline Horror Game' is not just a slogan, seriously, you'll be running like hell.

    Take the challenge and play with the devil in really fast and frantic action game of death, developed specially for people who looking for strong thrills next level of action !!!

    Escape From Hell The Adrenaline Arcade & Crazy Horror is a speed and action, simple game, offering quick play in the style of old classic arcade games.

    Escape From Hell The Adrenaline Arcade &Crazy Action is:
    - a real arcade challenge, fast and simple
    - game focuses on fast and simple gameplay, does not have unnecessary frills.

    The task is pretty simple - avoid devil's minions moving on the five-lane Hell road. You can dodge left or right using one of two provided buttons. Time to time you will encounter a star-shaped souls, catching it gives a huge bonus, and therefore an advantage in the ranking. Since Escape From Hell requires some serious manual skills, the player may choose one of three difficulty levels.
    Brace yourself for a session with Pogo Diabolo and countless minions dancing to his tune.
    Luckily, time to time good faith grants you with stars of power raising you to the very top of the global ranking.

    Check Your speed reaction and take the challenge in arcade & action horror dance with the crazy devil in the rhythm of the deepest depths of a hurry hell !!!

    Escape From Hell The Adrenaline Arcade & Crazy Action is a true adrenaline horror. After steady beginning, the pace rapidly grows with every level, causing uncontrolled adrenaline rush, demanding constant focus and agility.
    But don't worry You have available to choose from three levels of difficulty, from the simple to the devilishly really crazy speed.

    If you need a fast simple and dynamic action game, with a energetic and crazy atmosphere Escape From Hell is perfect for You.

    Challenge yourself in the adventure of Escape from hell !!!

    - real arcade experience with swift action
    - fast in play
    - easy to control
    - eye-catching HD graphics
    - excitatory soundtrack
    - global ranking

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