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    Published: 2013-08-20, by Peter Warrior.

    A new generation shoot'em-up

    • Fun
    • Suitable for hardcore gamers
    • It doesn't bring much to the genre

    "They haven't stopped since Space Invaders"

    Exp3D brings back the magic of the old upwards scrollers along nearly everything related to them: predictable enemy behavior, insane difficulty and screen-wiping weapons, with the little addition of an enhanced touch-based piloting system that allows to drag the starship to move it or tap anywhere so it flies lighting fast there, thus allowing crazy dodges and mad enemy formations.

    It's a game that won't disappoint hardcore gamers, most likely because it can be played for free from the beginning to the end as long as you are up to replay and replay and achieve perfection by the way. Otherwise, there's a shop where upgrades and power-ups are sold, so the the rest of us can beat those aliens in a more comfortable way.

    Graphics are above average, and even though overall design could be tweaked and improved a little, it's the shmup you were looking for.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Aug 20, 2013


    Enjoy a challenging vertical space-shooter, a tribute to old-school Japanese shmups.

    Exp3D features:
    4 chapters with unique bosses
    60 FPS fast-paced action
    Full 3D environment and ships
    Epic soundtrack
    Bonus and ship upgrades
    No shady Android permission
    100% free for hardcore gamers

    HTML5/WebGL demo also available on

    How to play?

    Move your ship around by touching the screen and dodge enemy bullets.
    Your special weapon reloads over time, when it's fully loaded double-tap anywhere or touch its icon to unleash its power.
    Some enemies drop orbs, grab them to upgrade your ship and unlock new content.


    • Clear a chapter without taking a single hit and get +5 extra orbs
    • Clear a chapter without using your special weapon and get +5 extra orbs
    • "Hellfire" boosts your fire-power for 5 seconds
    • "Time Warp" slows down time for 4 seconds
    • "Super Shield" makes you immune to bullets but not to collisions with enemy ships


    • Is the game free to play?

    Yes. You can play the whole game from the beginning to the end completely for free, but you will have to be good. Really good.
    You will have to clear all the chapters at 100%, that means not taking any damage nor using your special weapon and grab all the orbs. You also won't be able to enjoy all the ship upgrades the shop offers because all your orbs will be spent unlocking new chapters.

    • What does the "full version" offer?

    In the full version you are not required to clear a level at 100% to access the next level. You still have to unlock levels one by one but you can now afford to use orbs for ship upgrades.

    • How do I use the orbs?

    New orbs can be acquired by playing the game. Orbs can be used either to unlock new levels or to buy upgrades for your ship.

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