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    Published: 2012-08-02, by Ana Gracia.

    Collect crystals and try to survive all the challenges

    • Fun and challenging
    • Entertaining
    • Too simple?

    "Knight and crystals"

    Helm Knight is a fun arcade game in which the Evil lord of the desert wants to collect magic crystals and bring chaos to the lands, so you, as a brave helm night, need to stop him and find all the magic crystals.

    How to play? Simply use the arrows located on the left side to advance and the buttons on the right to attack and jump to save yourself and get to the end of the level. When you find three crystals, you'll advance a level. Coins can be collected to buy spells and extra features.

    Simple graphics but a really fun game overall: challenging, slow-paced but addictive in the end. The_R is the developer of Helm Knight, undoubtedly one of their best games.

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    Aug 02, 2012


    Helm Knight is a free 2D side scrolling action/adventure platformer, named after the helmet-headed protagonist. Help Helm Knight defeat the evil tribe from taking control of the magic crystals and bringing chaos to the lands.

    Guide Helm Knight through 15 challenging levels by helping him run, jump, hack, slash and cast magic to avoid the various dangers that await him and secure the crystals to save the lands.

    Fight different types of enemies which include goo-monsters, snakes, carnivorous plants, blobs, ice monsters and the evil tribal warriors.

    Collect potions to replenish health and magic points. Collect gold coins to unlock spells like fire, poison and snow and make Helm Knight strong enough for the final showdown against the evil lord of the tribals. An option for tilt controls has also been included in case you experience trouble with multitouch on your phone.

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