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    A group of young rockers from a small town has their first performance. They have to drive through the ominous state of Nevada. After 16 hours of travelling the group of friends is pretty tired, and they are looking for a place to sleep, a market to buy some food, and a gas station. Fatty Mike looks at a map and finds a suitable place not far away.

    . Incredible team action
    . Zombie Shooter for mobile
    . Improve weapon and your team
    . Easy to play, lot of fun and absolutely free game

    All the game objectives are written in the top left corner. There are vending machines in the game, with the help of which you can find ZCoins and supplies. You can open the gun store any time by clicking on the ZShop button in the lower right corner. If you don’t have enough ZCoins to buy a gun don’t even attempt to make a frontal attack – your character will be killed. You can play for only one character at a time, others will be fighting automatically. If your character runs too far from the others they will catch up with him. The characters can’t die if one of them is still alive. But the survived character must treat them, and they will be back in the game.

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