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    Jane Wilde: Wild West Undead Action Arcade Shooter

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    Published: 2013-07-22, by .

    Jane Wilde is a side-scrolling zombie-themed beat'em up

    • 2D cartoonish graphics
    • Upgrading system
    • Unlockable game modes
    • Different locations
    • No parental control for in-app purchases
    • Boring after a while

    "As beautiful as dangerous"

    Zombies and undead don't belong to a specific epoch. This time, they've shown up in the Wild West terrifying even the bravest cowboys. However, there's a sheriff in town: Misses Jane Wilde, the only with the nuts to face the them. She has the courage and the weapons, you have the controls.

    Jane Wilde is a side-scrolling beat'em up, so you must advance forward and shoot at any skull or zombie that shows up in front or behind you. You only have to survive until reaching the end of the level to beat it. However, if you want to get the maximum score (three stars) you must fulfill all the three mini-goals in each level: finish the level in time, don't get damage over the given % and collect a minimum amount of money.

    In campaign mode there are up to five different location following the railroad, 5 level each location. There's an special "hard" mode and a "survival" mode, that will be unlocked as you progress in the campaign mode.

    The game is set in cute 2D cartoonish graphics with well-crafted effects and animations, specially when shooting at enemies. The upgrading system and the different unlockable game modes make it more engaging and challenging. Control are quite intuitive and responsive.

    One of the plus points of Jane Wilde is its upgrading system: you can purchase ammo, weapons, powerups, coins (IAP) and even sexy outfits for Jane. Of course, if you don't have enough coins, you can always get coin packs with real money.

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    by Manu , Appszoom

    Jul 22, 2013


    Defend the man kind! Hordes of undead creatures have attacked the Wilde West and the rest of the world, you have to help Jane Wilde slay these evil dark vampires and skeletons!
    • Experience great fights in the Wild West, Mexico Salon and Paris settings!
    • Live through the powerful story-line, which takes you through more than 50 levels!
    • Taste the amazing upgradable weapons, such as revolvers, shotgun, gatling gun and many others
    • Feel the power of the all new power-ups, which make you stronger, faster, more indestructible and so much more!
    • Fight epic bosses, including resurrected presidents and conquerors!
    • Witness Jane transform by unlocking epic costumes, which not only make Jane look better, but give her awesome power boosts as well! Take on Wonderful Woman Jane Wilde and you will see just what we mean!
    • Compete with your friends and see who can slay more of the undead beasts using our survival mode!
    • Share your achievements with the world using the social media links in the game!
    • Do not forget she is Wild, Jane Wilde :P

    Jane’s amazing revolvers, gatling gun and very powerful power-ups which you have not seen before are waiting for you to use them on the undead and unnatural creatures!

    More on the game and your experience:
    Some mystical unnatural force has awakened the dead and they now threaten the life as we know it. Your mission is to rescue the Wild West and the rest of the world from the hordes of the undead creatures that have attacked it! In these battles you will face some mighty foes, including legendary and powerful conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte and the wise and respected president Abraham Lincoln, which have been risen by the mystical dark magic from the world of the dead. You will take pleasure in roaming the world in order rid the Wilde West and our planet of these undead beasts.
    For these bloody battles you have an arsenal of upgradable weapons at your disposal including:
    • Revolvers
    • Gatling Gun
    • Shot gun
    • Fish Gun
    • Bone Bow and Arrow
    These battles would be an mission impossible without Jane’s powerful upgradable power-ups, making your life easier when in all sorts of tight situations, these power-ups enable Jane to move faster, strike harder, become invincible, summon help and much more!
    Last but not least to aid you in your quest, you will be able to upgrade Jane’s outfit by unlocking beautiful and sexy costumes, and as mentioned earlier they will not only make Jane look better but also make her much more powerful as well, enhancing her health, speed and strength! These costumes include:
    • Wonderful Woman, inspired by a famous comicbook and movie hero
    • Nurse
    • DJane
    • Mistress
    • Iron Maiden
    • Jane “Davidson” Wilde
    More on Jane Wilde:
    Jane Wilde is the most popular wild western shooter on the store with more than
    1 500 000 downloads from all over the globe, making the sexy blonde sheriff the first and the most popular female sheriff hero!

    Other info:
    Jane might be a blonde girl, but she has the biggest pistols in the West.
    Take pleasure in bloody hunt and shooting, kicking skulls, bombing tons of creatures from nightmares. Sheriff Jane will have to investigate the mystery of supernatural evil monsters and their goals. She has an itchy trigger finger ready to shoot. Jane makes a battle look easy.
    The walking menace of risen dead stand no chance against her pistols and her killer instinct. Guns are blazing, skulls are flying, blood is being spilled – the beautiful sheriff is creepy skeletons' worst nightmare. Dangerous, Jane will make an apocalypse in the west! She is Immortal horde’s from hell new nemesis. War is on!
    These creepy dangerous creatures from nightmare might be vampires and skeletons and not zombies but they sure are annoying and ready for a crazy fight. Jane is the last frontier and defence of free world against outlaw legion ready to kill. Demon bandits and their bosses have a deadly plan for human’s extinction.

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