LA Rex




    LA Rex is an action packed demolition game! Destroy the surrounding scenery while looking for your next meal.

    LA Rex is a brutal game of destruction in which you control a huge and ferocious T-Rex dinosaur through the streets of Los Angeles. You must control the dinosaur and try to cause as much damage and destruction as possible - don't let anyone stand in your way! If you see a human, snatch them up and tear them apart! If you see a vehicle, stomp on it or smash it to pieces!

    You are the king of the dinosaurs and nothing will stop in your way so be truly ruthless! Complete every level and guide your dinosaur through different parts of LA. If you enjoy this version, you can always take your dinosaur to the streets of London in London Rex!

    Enjoy excellent raw meat to still your hunger and slurp blood to quench your thirst in the violent dino-themed destruction game LA Rex. Object is to eat all humans of L.A. before you reach the checkpoint. And don't forget: you are a redoubtable Tyrannosaurus Rex. So get more enraged, destroy objects without mercy and squash cars like a bug. Much fun.

    Eat innocent people, destroy cars, houses, fight with cops, crash helicopters, armored vehicles,
    tanks and a lot of enemies on your way out of the city.

    Fight cops, go to war with the city. Dinosaur games equal destruction for all!

    Fight, jump, bite and destroy all the cars and humans in sight!
    Game developed by gametornado.

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