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    Published: 2013-12-09, by Peter Warrior.

    An outstanding gunfire game

    • Outstanding graphical performance
    • Addictive gameplay
    • Free to play, no ads (optional in-app purchases galore)
    • Lack of a storyline

    "Feel the ka-booms and ra-ta-tas"

    Very much like old classics like Operation Wolf and Time Crisis, Lawless belongs to the shooter-on-rails-genre, in which you have to tap on an enemy to shoot him down (no, no bulky guns sold separately yet). When you're not shooting, you're reloading behind some cover.

    This game is backed up by two main pillars: first, it has state-of-the-art graphics, supported by smooth animations and pretty artwork. Secondly, its gameplay is violently easy to learn (it might well be compared to a sophisticated bug-smasher game), but the overall result is challenging and thrilling. Stages last roughly for a minute (add to the list of things we like of native mobile games) and social options not only are smartly integrated so they bother as much as you want or need, but also are reflected on screen, so if you call your buddy for help or hire an ally, he or she will be shown next to you and helping you the best they can.

    In addition, the freemium formula isn't annoying at all, as the feeling is that you can endlessly play for free. Meanwhile, destructible and blow-off-able scenery, plus some innocent civilians panicking and running away can keep you entertained for days as you spread your realm of chaos all over the city and forge a name as the most wanted criminal ever from the safety of your chest-high couch.

    We may only ask for some kind of storyline, because as far as we know it's all about a series of quests without any connecting thread among them. A wifi multiplayer would be awesome, too.

    Absolutely recommended, one of the most fun games this year 2013 we're about to say goodbye.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Dec 09, 2013


    Lead your own crew of professional criminals and make them the best there is! Lawless is the epic 3D arcade-style shooter that blows the competition away! It's 1990's LA. You are just out of jail and not intending to go back! Your time inside was not wasted, you made contacts, mastered your trade and now you are back on the streets. Sure you are starting from nothing but you have big ambitions. It’s all about the big scores and getting away with it. Anyone who attempts to cross you or get in your way are going down. Now is your time. Steal what you can and make your fortune. That big final score is always just around the corner.

    • Test Your Skills in Explosive Gun Battles – Take on waves of enemies, from SWAT teams, police choppers, and infamous rival gangs in this destructible and explosive 3D environment!
    • From Crook to Kingpin – Swiftly eliminate all those who stand in your way with a arsenal of over 100 weapons including pistols, rifles, bazookas, grenades and machine guns to name a few.
    • Build A Crew of Badass Professionals – Tear through the streets of LA with a crew of professional criminals robbing banks, assassinating targets, and taking over Kingpin territory when the price is right.
    • Dominate in Monthly Live Events – Recruit friends as your allies to help you take on new and unique missions each month with a never-ending calendar of big challenges and even bigger rewards.

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