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    Published: 2013-04-18, by Peter Warrior.

    A rich collectible card game

    • Long gameplay
    • Loadings, loadings, loadings
    • Linear gameplay

    "Shall untold tales be told?"

    Sometimes, it's hard to review CC Games because honestly, there aren't many differences among them and it's a genre obsessed in perpetuating the same errors over and over again.

    As it couldn't be otherwise, any CCG worthy of that name needs gorgeous artwork, which is half true and half busty goddesses, demonesses and heroines. It also needs a ton of different cards, feat easily achieved thanks to the evolve-to-change-card's-color technique. I know I'm ranting about a CCG as good as any other, but it's a shame that so much work ends up on a game so difficult to distinguish from any other within the same orbit.

    In addition to an odd feeling regarding the user interface (you have always to scroll down to get even more unneeded info), the single tap quests and battles over you have little if any control, and the awkward translation, this game has the bad habit of having to load anything every time, so it might happen you spend more time staring at loading icons rather than actually playing.

    Therefore, Legend of Minerva is a good CCG. At least, as good as any other, though it isn't especially suited for newcomers.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Apr 18, 2013


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    Legend of Minerva is a wonderfully detailed Fantasy Battle RPG
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    In a far off land, a long time ago,
    Tales are told of a great War...

    Between dark Legendary Tyrants
    and a heroic Oracle Knight...

    Those Legendary Tyrants tirelessly wrought havoc
    To submerse the world in a miasma of darkness...

    But there was one Goddess who could not bear
    watching the world suffer under their tyranny.

    The Goddess of which countless tales were told... Minerva.

    She searched far and wide for someone able
    To Move the World with their strength and will.

    The one she found was the first Oracle Knight.
    His powers allowed him to summon a spectacular strength.
    His strength alone sealed away the Tyrants into an eternal Slumber...

    Or so he thought.

    After thousands of years, the Tyrants have awakened once more,
    ready to once again drown the world in a terrible darkness.

    In order to stop their terror, Minerva has taken action again,
    to find a new Oracle Knight to seal away the Tyrants for good.

    You are the Start of a New Chapter in the Future of Our World!

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