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    LEGO Ninjago REBOOTED's review

    Published: 2014-01-27, by Janel.

    Dodge obstacles as you ninja your way to the top of the Borg Tower

    • Legos AND ninjas? Sign me up
    • Great graphics
    • Checkpoint system
    • No female character


    What happens when you combine two really awesome things? As it turns out, Ninjas plus Lego equals Even More Awesome. LEGO Ninjago REBOOTED is an endless runner with a kickin' ninjabrick flavor.

    Pick the Lego character you most identify with from Kai, Cole, Jay, or Zane. Lead him up and away through the great Borg Tower, jumping, slashing, and sliding to avoid and destroy obstacles. The combination of evil electronics and hordes of enemy ninjas is oh-so-very Lego, and reminds me deliciously of playing with the bricks myself as a kid.

    One marvelous aspect of the game: in story mode, if you should misstep and smash headfirst into an electrified barrier, you'll only be zapped back to the last checkpoint, and you get as many retries as you please. It's a way of balancing out the difficulty, one which made giving it several goes a much more enjoyable challenge. Pass enough checkpoints and you'll hit bosses, of course.

    There's also an endless mode, so you never have to stop the Borg party.

    The visuals are rendered in attractive, high-quality 3D (although the game itself is two dimensional). Storyline interludes are classic Lego cheeseball and just great.

    I'd love a female character, because c'mon, girls dig Lego too.

    LEGO Ninjago REBOOTED is a solid endless runner, and the checkpoint mechanism makes it way less frustrating to play than many others in the genre. Recommended, and good for all ages to boot.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Jan 27, 2014


    Help the Ninjas of Ninjago fight against the evil forces of the Overlord!
    Now you can fight evil in Borg Tower as well as in Digiverse!

    - Use your awesome ninja skills to avoid dangers and defeat enemies.
    - Play as Kai, Cole, Jay or Zane!
    - Climb up the elevator shaft and run through hallways with both vertical & side scrolling action!
    - Collect LEGO bricks to unleash awesome power ups that help you in your mission.
    - Play the story mode to defeat Cyrus Borg and the Overlord and save the inhabitants of Ninjago!
    - Play the endless mode to see how high you can score!

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