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    Published: 2014-03-17, by .

    Life is Magic is a location-based fantasy MMO

    • Graphics
    • Cooperative missions
    • Add friends
    • Needs a larger user base
    • Battery killer

    "Bring some magic to your life"

    Life is Magic transforms your world into a land of fantasy, dungeons, monsters, heroes and titans. Using geo-location it adapts cities, streets and venues to fantasy-themed facilities. Thus, your favorite cafe can become an old-fashioned tavern and the waitress a beautiful elf. Likewise, pharmacy become stores where to buy potions and magic items. The gate to that fantasy world is the screen of your mobile device.

    You can choose among four different classes, each with its mentor, specific skills and weaponry. There are machinist, mage, monk and ritualist. Name your virtual character and start your wandering through the world. Enter dungeons to defeat enemies and collect its loot. Join virtual (or real friends) to team up in parties to defeat titans or build your own towers to let others know who's ruling that piece of land. Actually, you can fulfill quests and check-in in places in other to gain "fame" and become the master of that place.

    Life is Magic is set in 3D graphics, over the average of this kind of location-based games. In addition, it goes deeper than leaving loot the challenge other to catch it: you can fight with NPCs and join others' to battle cooperatively. A well-crafted game backed by a great idea. It needs to improve though in some regards. More quests to be played alone must be included, at least until the user base have grown enough (in some places there aren't too many active users). Besides, a recommendable game.

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    Mar 17, 2014


    The location-based fantasy MMO that transforms the real world around you into a land of magic, dungeons, and treasure. Team up with friends to battle Titans, capture magic towers, and steal tons of loot or battle real players for pride and profit.

    Follow the mighty wizard Isambard as he guides you on your quest to exert influence over the neighborhoods around you. Travel across America to find new treasure, spells, and weaponry before using it to beat the stuffing out of bigger and uglier monsters.

    "Life is Magic, from the creators of Life is Crime, is taking [the] location-based MMO and turning it up to 11." - Massively

    Life is Magic FEATURES:

    - Compete with other players where you live to claim Magic Towers as your own
    - Control multiple characters, and experience the power of the Mage, Monk, and Machinist
    - Compete against real players for real locations!
    - Fight against other players and win fame, glory, and big prizes
    - Explore deep dungeons all over the world to grow stronger and find rare equipment
    - Real locations and places transformed into a magical, fantasy world
    - Persistent global world
    - Search for and unlock new treasures
    - Buy powerful new spells
    - Invite friends or foes to your party and become world renowned
    - Find and chat with new players by location
    - 4 Million+ locations to compete for
    - Virtually infinite number of weapons and gear to find and use
    - 100 Quests to complete!
    - Game Center integrated, earn up to 50 achievements!
    - Friend invite system with twitter & facebook
    - Send and receive daily free gifts
    - Discover new players where you live

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