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    Published: 2015-12-04, by .

    Get out there and go catch some fish

    • Bright, colorful graphics
    • Multiple fish types
    • Easily navigable menus
    • Large file size
    • Line breaks
    • It's kind of boring

    "Hey Billy, I've Got A Live One Here!"


    Are you looking for a fishing game that won't leave you high and dry? Now, with Line Mass Fishing, you can get out on the boat and go catch some fish! Catch fish and embark on quests as you gain points and upgrade your clothes and equipment. It's fishing and fashion at its finest.


    The graphics are bright, colorful and well-rendered. There are multiple kinds of fish and different techniques, which increases player engagement. The fashion element adds something a little different. The menus are easy to get around.


    The file size is pretty large and the initial load up time was quite long. The line breaks far too often. It gets kind of boring after a while.

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    by William

    Dec 04, 2015


    Enjoy this real fishing game in the Office, at Home or even on a Train!
    For those of you who want to enjoy fishing, "LINE MASS FISHING" is your choice!!

    Isn't it a little bit of a pain to prepare all the stuff for fishing…?
    Even you have all the equipment, aren't you busy working…?
    It's also important that you can have fun with your friend isn't it?

    Don't worry! "LINE MASS FISHING" will satisfy you!

    ★The Real Battle with a BIG Fish!!
    ・Cast the fishing line and wind the reel. Just like the real fishing!
    ・Start from a small fish, and then challenge the king size fish!

    ★Who's the winner? You or a Fish?
    ・Knock the fish out with the special technique!
    ・Clearing various quests will make the game more enjoyable!

    ★Enjoy both Competing and Battling!
    ・Different levels of competitions will be held, and you can battle with fishers 4 times a day!
    ・Compete with your friends for the size of the fish! Try to catch a massive one!!

    ★How exciting! You can catch various kinds of Fishes!
    ・The fishes will be more than 200 kinds by the updates in the future!
    ・New fishing rods and fishing sites, with beautiful nature, will be added!

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