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    Loot Hero RPG-Dark Dragon Hunt

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    Published: 2014-01-20, by .

    Loot Hero is a side-scroller beat'em up set in retro graphics

    • Upgrading system
    • Different environments, enemies and equipments
    • Loot and grind
    • Controls are too simple
    • Graphics

    "The Dragon must die"

    A fierce dragon has taken the lands and resurrected evil creatures as their lackeys. Only a hero can free those magic lands from all its corners. And guess what? You are that hero!

    Loot Hero merges beat'em up and RPG genres, bringing together a casual yet catching gameplay. You don't need to perform crazy button combinations: only tap and hold to move right/left. The hero is armed with a lance: just run toward the enemies to kill them. However, your HP will drain as you hit them too and then refill automatically after a few seconds. Manage the pace, run back to pick up loot, health and invulnerability potions.

    Actually, grinding will become a must since harder and harder enemies will wait you ahead. Thus, you will have to collect resources and use them to upgrade your skills and weaponry.

    Over 20 different enemies and bosses, multiple environments (desert, jungle, woods...) and tons of equipment to upgrade to ensure you have a blast. Unlock achievements and fill out bestiary too.

    Loot Hero is set in retro pixelated graphics that reminds 8-bit side-scrollers. Controls are responsive yet way too simple. It should work game's complexity to enhance playability. Spells, attacks and combos. Whatever that requires from the player something else than tapping left/right.

    Regardless, a highly entertaining game.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jan 20, 2014


    Prepare yourself to begin your journey through the treacherous lands of Zeonia, a kingdom that is facing the mysterious existences that lie beneath an evil underworld. All the realm lands and towns are set ablaze. The flames of this strange dark fire are resurrecting the evil creatures of the world. As you continue to investigate with the people, you will find that a Legendary Dragon is haunting the nations, shooting his magic fire to increase his army. A hero is needed to return peace to the Kingdom Realms! Are you the one who will bring salvation to the people? Fight against other brave dragon slayers and prove you are the real ferocious savior! Increase the effectiveness of your weaponry, armor, and accessories through various enhancements and upgrades that you will need if you want to defeat all the fierce monsters you will encounter. Don’t let anything stops your quest! Think well your strategy to set up a big raid and become legendary!

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    - Amazing and Fast Gameplay
    - Simple Touch Controls and User-Friendly Interface
    - Over 20 Different Enemies and Bosses
    - No need to pay to win
    - Great Sound Effects
    - Unique Retro Design

    User’s reviews:
    “ I’m a huge fan RPG games, and I really enjoyed the immersive settings. This game will be at the top of my favorite apps! ” Walter – Alabama
    “One of the coolest and addicting role playing games I found! Not recommended if you don’t want to spend a long time playing without notice.” Alex – NY
    “I love the RPG offline mode and that I don’t have to spend a fortune to get the coolest equipment and weapons. I can’t believe that I can have this amazing game in my phone” Helen – France

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