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    Published: 2014-02-20, by Peter Warrior.

    A 8bit platformer

    • (very very very) Children friendly
    • Addictive
    • Many levels and vanity items
    • It could have more control options

    "We're running short of coins."

    Mikey Shorts is a 8bit-like platformer, worthy of the golden Master System era, based on several random absurd storyline premises such as petrified people, force fields, levitating gold coins as big as watermelons and an amnesiac main character. That being said, it's quite likely you jump to the download tab and dismiss this humble review.

    If you're still reading this, know that not all that glitters are pixels. This game would be greater if it allowed tilt controls, and its children friendly nature might well discourage hardcore gamers unless they understand the harmlessness of its gameplay. In fact, stages are scored based on the time took to clear them and there's no way you can get killed. This means that it's easy to play, but will ask for the best of you to the get the three star rating.

    The in-app shop works only with virtual coins, so you can't pay with real money (this is a good thing!). There you can customize your character just for vanity reasons. There are thousands of possible combinations. The option to run against your own ghost makes the most of this game, and it's unbelievably addictive.

    In conclusion, a game 100% centered on gameplay, fun for fun's sake, recommended for anyone, everywhere.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Feb 20, 2014


    RUN, JUMP, and SLIDE through the land to help Mikey Shorts rescue the people! Collect coins to buy fun disguises along the way!

    • 84 different levels across 2 game modes
    • 6 unique environments
    • Choose from over 170 disguises to wear
    • Finish a level fast to earn up to 3 stars
    • Golden Shorts are hidden in all Story levels
    • Race against a ghost of your best score
    • Split times at gates show +/- your best score
    • Earn achievements both online and offline
    • Quick retry button for restarting a level
    • Ability to customize controls
    • Adjust transparency of the control buttons
    • View various game stats

    8.2/10 - AppsZoom - " for fun's sake, recommended for anyone, everywhere."
    PocketGamer - "...purest and most pleasant platformers on mobile"
    5/5 - TouchArcade - "Good old fashioned fun!"

    Created by BeaverTap Games!

    Mike Meade and Mike Gaughen met on an internet message board for the iOS game 'Hook Champ.' The two became very competitive and battled for global domination.

    After a year of fierce, virtual combat, the handsome warriors discussed the possiblitity of joining forces and creating a game of their own. At the start of 2011, BeaverTap Games was born.

    With their first title 'Mikey Shorts', the gentlemen hope to show the fun and exciting world of speedrunning 2D platformers to a casual crowd, while still including enough challenge for talented gamers to enjoy.

    Mike Meade @mikemeade
    Mike Gaughen @mikegaughen

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