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    ALERT: Do not post bad reviews if you or your supplier limited your application memory maximum (heap) size to less than the current default 256 Megabytes.

    Show off your new Samsung, Google Pixel or other new HD 3D device in 2017 with the free new game NUKE!
    Play, or just sit back and let the autopilot's artificial intelligence (AI) flight simulator teach you as you take in the best mirror smooth HD 3D experience of 2017 .
    Highest HD 3D frame rate for Samsung and Google Pixel devices in the 2017 premium game industry (60fps).

    The year is 2017. Giant aliens have dropped a faulty six hundred and sixty-six gigaton nuke in the desert oil sands. Armed with a Raptor and Stratotanker support, the game is to stop Goliath and his spaceship drones. When he pounds the nuke under the sand, the earth's oil reserves will ignite, ending all life as we know it!

    You can refuel your Raptor by docking with the Stratotanker. Goliath, the giant alien is supported by spaceship drones. The giant alien jumps on the nuclear bomb (nuke) to pound it into the ground. Your Raptor has unlimited missiles (The Raptor has a HD 3D printer for this). So do the drone spaceships, which also need refueling.

    This free new game NUKE! is designed around a flight simulator engine. The UI has autopilot power-assist with artificial intelligence (Quaternion AI) flight simulator.

    - Beautiful full 2017 HD 3D game graphics for your Samsung, Google Pixel or other HD 3D devices.
    - Super High Frame Rate HFR (60 FPS!)
    - Spatialized HD 3D Surround Sound
    - Motion capture (MOCAP) shooter new game character animation.
    - Advanced 2017 Quaternion AI and flight simulator for Samsung, Google Pixel or other HD 3D devices. (our secret sauce!)

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