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    Published: 2013-10-23, by .

    Actually, this endless runner is zero percent religious

    • Well-designed endless runner
    • Soundtrack is actually pretty sweet
    • Wholly unoriginal
    • Upgrades cost far too much

    "Goodness gracious! How transgressive!"

    If you find endless runners habit-forming (oh! oh! I see what you did there!), and you take your casual gaming drenched in cartoon gore, your gruesome prayers have been answered. Frima Studio Inc.'s Nun Attack: Run and Gun will seem to you a godsend.

    It's a well-designed and programmed endless runner, I'll give it that. Choose your nun-du-jour (whoops! only one is available until you unlock the rest with a totally unreachable number of coins!) and watch her athletic thighs begin to sprint across the screen. Control her by tapping on-screen buttons; move up and down platforms avoiding bloody spikes, shooting bloodthirsty skeletons, and collecting surprisingly clean coins. Don't stop now! It's endless! You'll never reach the end!

    The upgrades you're forced to consider every time you smash into a wall of spikes look passably interesting. If you're tired of scrounging around for in-game currency, feel free to shell out the cold hard cash that you earned flipping burgers in exchange for access to Simone, the Sister of Plenitude.

    The one fairly bright spot for me is the soundtrack, which brings energy and motivation to an otherwise overplayed genre.

    Frima Studio Inc.'s Nun Attack: Run and Gun brings absolutely nothing original apart from pixelated nun thighs, but if you generally dig on endless runners, get ready for a heavenly experience.

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    8/10 - GeekyGinger - "The game is very good, and it deserves to be played"
    8/10 - Unleash the Fanboy - "You’ll always find yourself wanting just one more run"
    9/10 - AndroidRundown - "A great follow up to the original"

    The Fallen Nun has been defeated, but Evil never truly rests. Find out what lies beyond the wretched world left behind by Mortanna, as the Nuns dash, shoot and slide through a plethora of obstacles and monsters! Test your faith in this fast-paced, hectic runner that’s not for the faint of heart! Pick your favorite Nun, equip bad*** weapons, choose from a slew of holy power-ups and start running towards your next destination, as all Hell’s breaking loose in this rip-roaring endless runner.

    - Pick your favorite Nun to run with!
    - Unlock new guns!
    - Upgrade your arsenal of power-ups!
    - Race through multiple wretched worlds!
    - Dodge obstacles, slide under dangerous props, shoot enemies!
    - Compete against your friends on the world leaderboard!
    - Participate in unique events!

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