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    Published: 2015-05-28, by .

    A 3D zombie shooter.

    • Fun modes of play
    • Realistic day and night
    • External control support
    • Confused NPC's
    • Blocky graphics
    • Poor voice sounds

    "Can You Survive The Zombie Occupation?"


    In Occupation you must survive the zombie hoards and have several weapons to use as you do. Not only do you kill zombies, but you also have an inventory system, must keep your health up, and have special modes of play.


    The slow motion adrenaline mode of play is pretty fun. The day and night cycles add to realism. Having headset and gamepad support is a nice touch. Having allied non-playable characters keeps things interesting.


    Your allies don't always act like allies. Although the environment is immersive, the graphics could use a little freshening up. The voice over sounds were mechanical sounding. It's difficult to aim, perhaps the sensitivity needs to be turned down.

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    by William

    May 28, 2015


    NOTE: There is also a absolutely free version of the game:

    Buy Occupation Donation to support further development, it really helps buying resources for the game. Also, it removes the ads. Thanks for everyone who supports the game :)

    First and Third Person Shooter with some elements of GTA, Left 4 Dead, DayZ.
    Stop zombie invasion and save your girl from zombie's hands!

    • Open 3D World to explore

    • Day/Night cycle to make a more immersive game

    • 11 different types of zombies and monsters

    • Allied NPCs to help you VS the zombie apocalypse

    • Auto-aim for new players and manual aim for players that want a harder game!

    • First and Third Person perspective can be used to make both FPS and TPS fans happy!

    • Inventory system that consists in storing food and Health bags to help you during the apocalypse

    • Hunger system, stamina

    • Market: Buy and sell items you find in the zombie apocalypse!

    • Non-linear missions

    • Additional endless game mode (unlocked after all missions are done)

    • VR Headsets support - Durovis Dive, Google Cardboard, ImmersiON-VRelia GO and similar [experemental]

    • Hardware input support - gamepads, keyboards

    • No ADS

    If you have a fast device - try to turn the sun, moon and shadows on - they are disabled by default.
    You also can disable a gyroscope in the game settings.

    Please, comment/e-mail what's the problem in the game before giving a bad rating. It will be a pleasure to help my players!

    Thank You for support!

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