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    In year 2202, the National Interstellar Research Center of Singapore stunned the world with a remarkable prototype of 'Quantum Leaper'. With this groundbreaking invention, the scientists are able to transport physical matters to a location light years away in a matter of hours. In theory, they will be able travel to the brightest nebula 1300 light years away - the Orion Nebula - in a matter of months.

    Two hundred years later, that theory is ready to be tested. China builds a fleet of interstellar fighter jets at Harbin and outfit them with the Quantum Leaper. Their mission is to explore the Orion Nebula to discover signs of life and to colonize resource-rich planets. To safeguard against potential hostility, the fighter jets are equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry, to be used against unfriendly alien life forms.

    The Quantum Leaper brings them to the brightest star of the Orion Nebula - star A. Two very advanced civilizations are discovered - an insectoid race, Zig, and a humanoid race, Proz. Unfortunately, without a means of communication, the human is unable to deliver their peaceful diplomacy. In no time, Zig and Proz form an alliance to launch a fierce, high-tech military attack on the human.

    You're the pilot of one of the fighter jets. Can you survive the allied alien forces and return to earth safely?

    - Confront 14 types of enemies that deal unique and challenging attacks.
    - Personalize your gameplay experience with a wide range of upgrade options and difficulty ranks.
    - Engage in visually dazzling and atmospheric battles while soaking youself in adrenanlin-pumping techno music.
    - Compete on online leaderboards and unlock 10 achievements.

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