Pet Santa

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    It's the night before Christmas and the kids are restless. They know Santa is coming but they have not gotten their presents yet. They want a pet. Santa knows that too. Santa needs to move fast if he wants to drop off the pets to all the kids.

    Help Santa drop off the animal from his sleigh to the right kid. One way Santa can tell is by matching their shirt to the color of the animal. For example, the kid with the orange shirt wants a goldfish. The kid with the green shirt wants a turtle. The kid with the white shirt wants a dog.

    As Santa moves across the screen, touch the screen when you see a kid that matches the animal. Along the top right of the screen, the next few animals ready to drop are shown. Don't drop the animal too soon or else the kid will not be able to catch the animal. When the kid catches the animal, he is happy and will run straight home.

    - fast action and fast reflexes
    - smooth scrolling background
    - 5 levels to unlock
    - amazing graphics and sounds