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    Published: 2015-03-30, by .

    A set of pistols for your pocket.

    • Good graphics
    • Quick load times
    • Sloppy design
    • Intrusive ads

    "Are You A Digital Gunslinger?"


    While Pistol brings a good looking set of guns to bear, it fails in execution. There's plenty to choose from here and the weapons look realistic, but the settings are off and the guns don't match their magazine capacities. With more accuracy in design this game would have better replay potential.


    The guns themselves look realistic, even if their magazine capacities aren't. The load times were quick and here didn't appear to be any sluggishness to the gameplay. The sensors and sounds appear adequate.


    The magazines and bullet amounts don't match up to the weapons, which is kind of a major thing in an app like this. The ads are also a bit intrusive and pop up when you least expect them to. The replay potential on this game is pretty low.


    by William

    Mar 30, 2015


    A must have gun lover app!
    The biggest and largest handguns weapons simulator with authentic real sounds!
    Get it now and have a pistols battle with your friends or co-workers.
    Prank your mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, dogs, cats, birds, anything you even can imagine with this awesome guns shooting sounds fun app.

    -= Features =-
    ➤ The best selected handgun pistols
    ➤ Real gun sounds
    ➤ Awesome guns animations
    ➤ High quality weapons images
    ➤ Real reload sounds
    ➤ Shake sensors to fire

    Many of these guns and their similar variations are featured in many video games or movies, such as Battlefield, Black Ops, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Modern Warfare, World at War, etc.
    Complete the pocket arsenal saga with our other awesome weapons apps.

    -= Weapons List =-
    - 93R
    - Colt 45
    - Desert Eagle
    - Dual 9mm
    - FiveSeven
    - G17C
    - Glock 18
    - M9
    - M92FS
    - Magnum
    - MP412
    - MP443
    - P2000
    - P250
    - P99
    - USP45

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