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    You may have played match games before but NEVER like this!
    Enjoy this free version of Poppin Casino and get lost in the action. Poppin Casino Free is a fast paced matching game that you just can't put down. You'll experience powerful bonuses, colorful graphics, and super smooth game play. Match 3 or more colorful slot wheel objects to trigger a shower of spinning sparkles cascading into unlimited animated chain reactions. Match 4 or more to be rewarded with a slot machine bonus that you can use right away or save to maximize your score. Why not use one to hit the JACKPOT and clear the level? Tempting, …..I KNOW! Or you could choose to change your matching destiny with the free bonus piece slot. Use it to get that perfect piece or to put the power of a Cherry Bomb in your finger tip to BLAST the grid to bits! Not only can you match like all the other match 3 games, we've given you access to the "Ghost in the Machine"!!!! When you make a match and the combos start to pop the match 3 game rules are no more. Flick another matching piece on the end of a match and change it from a match 3 to a match 4. Add another..... if you're fast enough and max it out with a full 7 object match! Does it get any better than that?!! Steal an object from a match to make another. It's matching gone crazy! See what YOU can make it do. The possibilities are endless.

    If you like stepping outside the box and are ready for more lightening fast game play and animations, Poppin Casino is for you! Get the most innovative match 3 game changing features. When you create 5 regular slot bonuses in a row or column you'll be rewarded with a MEGA slot bonus. Any matches on a MEGA slot bonus will give you 10 times the score. Even if it's during the end of the level slot bonus pulls. That means a single MEGA slot bonus can increase the match score by 100 times! A slot bonus match 3 will add 2500 points to your score. Match the same three on a MEGA slot bonus and get 25000 points! Yeah that's right, when you hit the JACKPOT on a MEGA slot bonus it's worth 50000 points! So download Poppin Casino now and start the unending, cat reflex inducing matching frenzy that IS Poppin Casino.

    Oh..almost forgot....match 5 or more objects and throw a cherry bomb across the grid. Absolutely crazy cool!

    Poppin Casino is addictive fun that you can play for a few minutes or all day long. No connections required. No initials to enter. Just NON STOP POPPIN FUN!

    Additional Features:
    Impeccably styled casino slot machine theme.
    Fun and exciting sounds
    Surprisingly thought provoking evolution of your game play strategy

    A challenge for all ages.

    "Get your FUN on with Infinite Monkey business!"

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    Connie Cozart

    by Connie Cozart

    Jul 01, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Consider this week just wanted to be a difficult keep

    Antonio Riollano

    by Antonio Riollano

    Nov 11, 2015  |  "OK"

    It needs more to the game

    Peggy Zachary

    by Peggy Zachary

    Feb 07, 2015  |  "Great"


    Jennifer Smith

    by Jennifer Smith

    Aug 19, 2014  |  "Great"


    davida coleman

    by davida coleman

    Jun 17, 2014  |  "Poor"

    Waist of time

    Marni J Williams

    by Marni J Williams

    Apr 28, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    I like it.