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    Published: 2013-10-18, by Janel.

    Spacey circular Tetris, drippy dreamy electro beats

    • Wholly excellent music gains complexity as you play
    • Highly attractive retro graphics
    • Balanced mix of strategy and speed
    • We want more QbQbQb! More planets please

    "You spin me right round baby right round"

    It's a Match-Three game, but oh-so-much-classier than Bejeweled Blitz could ever hope for. Rezoner's QbQbQb can lay claim to both indie cred and addictive gameplay, and it might be worth downloading for the ultra-slick electronic soundtrack alone.

    Can I do some further indie namedropping? Think bright and crisp rymdkapsel aesthetics, rotational Gyro gameplay, and a richly layered blip-music experience a la Super Hexagon.

    The premise is simple: spin planets to align with constantly falling colored blocks, matching as much as you can. The blocks fall at a rate that just allows you to balance planning and reflexes, obviously increasing in difficulty as you progress through the stages. The visuals also evolve as you score fast combos, and the music gains layers of complexity: completely awesome.

    Try out just one planet in the free version - you can upgrade to six different planets each with eight unlockable achievements if you fork over the cash (which goes directly to the guy who put it together on his own, so do it if you dig it!).

    Rezoner's QbQbQb is a perfectly lovely addition to the match-three genre, and holds appeal for retro gamers as much as anyone who appreciates layer upon layer of robotic rhythms.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 18, 2013


    A game for those who are looking for chillout after hard day of work or those who prefer frustration level hexagon.

    Rotate the planet, match the colors enjoy the building up music and visuals.

    Play solo, play with friends - or let the computer be your friend. Fight or unlock the planets together.

    Color blind support.

    If you like beauty of Rymdkapsel aesthetics - imagine it combined with Gyro gameplay and Super Hexagon music experience.

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