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    Published: 2014-01-17, by Peter Warrior.

    OCP's, I mean, Glu's official Robocop game

    • Fun and free
    • Official Robocop game
    • Above average technical performance
    • It could add minigames and additional characters and stuff
    • Faithful to the film's lore, though it adds nothing to it
    • Some kind of vs or co-op multiplayer would have been great

    "Uphold the law"

    You know how this works: upcoming blockbuster film, incoming tie-in game. At least Robocop's an action game and not an ever-runner or a match-three casual game to our great relief.

    Glu's Robocop is half a chest-high shooter, half a bullet time quick time event, all mobile video game. For those of you who have played previous Glu shooters like Frontline, it works so-so the same way, though there have been some interesting additions as drones (the do grenades' job) and a "scan" button to seek for weak points in enemy's armor, and by enemy, we mean the über charismatic ED209, always stealing the show from poor Murphy.

    Controls are comfortable, but may require the initial tutorial to be understood. Your left thumb is to look around, and your right thumb is to shoot at enemies or red explosive barrels (who does leave them everywhere?). Robocop won't spend ammo till the crosshair is on a foe (or hostage), but can overheat if you don't let him to cover from time to time. Destructible cover and cars blowing off spice it all up.

    Graphics and sound effects are great but it doesn't ask for a top-notch device to be run. In fact, this game is fun and has been developed with care, which is to be appreciated when we are too badly used to bad games backed up by famous franchises. It can be played for free for ever, though as the in-app purchases are used to buy upgrades, it might happen that you get eventually stuck in a stage because of your outdated weaponry. An energy system also prevents you can't play too many missions in a row without visiting the till.

    As a great fan of the old two ('cause we all agree there were only two, right?) films, of course I would have liked some philosophical, so to speak, issues have been dealt with, as how the same laws of robotics can be differently applied in arguable ethical circumstances such a civil rights demonstration, or put more emphasis on the diatribe between public services and corporations, but it's unlikely that Glu had undertaken such elevated proposals when the film couldn't care less.

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