Run, Time Chicken!




    Do you dare imagine what it would be like to be... THE TIME CHICKEN? Travelling to dinosaurs time as the guinea-pig of genius geneticist!
    In the 1950s, a scientist wants to create a new animal species of his own and sends back in times a chicken! YOU are that chicken : trying to survive and dodge T-Rex, Pterodactyl and gigantic Diplodocus...

    Excitement of another age!

    - Jump, Slide and Accelerate to dodge the dinosaurs chasing you and other obstacles
    - 8 different chicken mutations with special abilities
    - A unique customization system to create your own Frankenstein creature by mixing up the genetically modified chickens
    - Reproduce with fellow chickens and create a family of chicks
    - Collect power-ups such as the "Chickenator!", the "Stinky Creature!" or the "Mysterious Sky Rider!"
    - 100 + experiments to test the capabilities of your chicken
    - Send pictures of your creatures via Facebook
    - Compare your score and compete with your friends via Facebook
    - Inclues 15+ Accessories

    It's Fantastic but (scientifically) Possible!

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