Son Korsan Pirate MMO




    Become a pirate, sail the oceans, plunder enemy ships and conquer islands!

    Take control of your own pirate ship in this MMO and live the life of a plundering pirate. You can band together with your friends, become a guild and fight against other guilds to dominate the oceans!


    - Play a piracy themed MMO with a huge and detailed map right on your tablet or phone.
    - Improve your ship to get stronger and faster.
    - PvP action: Fight against other players - or weaken them and just plunder their ship.
    - Explore the waters and wide oceans full of danger and opportunity.
    - Join a guild / fleet, meet friends and organise attacks on enemy islands: Strategy!
    - Take missions and go on quests to hunt down system ships and raid trade ships.


    Starting with a small boat, your unskilled pirate will soon become a legend!

    To accomplish this, you will need to;
    ... sail the high seas and survive.
    ... embrace the independent nature of piracy.
    ... send enemy ships to the bottom of the sea.
    ... earn coins by trading.
    ... collect pieces of a treasure map and go on a treasure adventure.
    ... battle other players in PvP mode, 5v5 arena and deathmatch quests.
    ... participate in activities like Capture the Flag, Octopus, Conquer the Island etc.
    ... play every day and claim your daily prizes.

    Download Son Korsan now and battle your way to victory!

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