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    Published: 2013-02-22, by .

    Spell Sword is a retro survival based game

    • Addictive gameplay
    • 8-bit retro graphics
    • Two different game modes
    • RPG touch
    • Screenpad should be enhanced

    "An unique sword for the chosen one"

    Android is bringing back to the gaming arena old-fashioned gameplay and graphics. Spell Sword is an example. As it developer ( says, Spell Sword is a retro-inspired Hack 'N Slash survival game.

    Set in cute 8-bit pixelated graphics, Spell Sword puts ourselves in a hero's shoes who brandish a magic sword that has been waiting ages for the chosen one. The game is all about the quests our hero has to fulfill to unleash the power of such magic sword. Set in a survival/defense mode, you'll have to face hordes of enemies approaching you while you try to complete each mission briefing. Move left/right, jump and attack tapping screenpad buttons, those are the only actions you can do. Try to collect spell cards to boost unleash your sword power.

    There are two game modes: "Missions" which is made up by 90 missions happening in four different environments and "Endless" which is the pure survival mode. Yet, the game has touches of RPG genre: level-up system, upgrades and items. There are local leaderboards and achievements' hall.

    As I said, the game is graphically simple but nostalgic of the 80's games will find them lovely. Spell Sword has all the ingredients of a good gaming cocktail: retro-pixelated graphics, different game modes and addictive gameplay.

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    Feb 22, 2013


    There is a tale of a sword mighty enough to destroy hordes of minions with a single blow...

    Yet this sword needs a hero...of epic proportions!

    Spellsword is a retro-inspired Hack 'N Slash survival based game.

    The game follows the path of an unlikely hero as he quests to unleash the power of his newly found Spellsword. The player will fight in a variety of arenas to unlock new items and spell cards.

    Collect rupees and gold coins to spend on those new items, increasing your sword's and card's power while also protecting you from the minions attacks, who will do everything they can in order to stop you!

    Spellsword imbues classic platforming fun with intense action, light comedy, and endless gameplay that’s a perfect fit for mobile gamers.

    √ 90 Missions
    √ Adjust the on-screen controls in the options
    √ 9 Endless Arenas with High Score Leaderboards
    √ RPG elements and upgrades
    √ Retro Inspired Graphics and Gameplay
    √ Hats, Amulets, and Rings, oh my!
    √ Universal – 1 Purchase for all your devices.

    ***Press Reviews***

    TUAW - "Spellsword is an amazing game."
    148Apps -"Spellsword might be the best..."
    AppAdvice -"Insanely Addictive!"
    Modojo -"Beautiful, frantic, addictive..."
    AppSpy -"Wonderful..."

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