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    Star Truck - Trek & Wars

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    Game Features)
    1. Movement of the ship using the geomagnetic sensor is supported. (Phone rotation)
    2. You can attack enemy ships in touch.
    3. Of the planetary system some [Milk Delivery], [reconnaissance], [attack], [Enemy admiral ship].
    4. You can be made to shoot down pirate ship, you feel proud to protect the peace.
    5. It is possible to experience space travel during a short time, in the distant future, you will be an astronaut.

    Stardate 690721.0425
    Space large war is started, it will be destroyed by all trade.
    As a result, the solar system of many born hunger or destroyed.
    In addition, a lot of space pirates could be, and then face the worst situation to plunder the multiple star systems.
    Make up your mind to helping the planetary system suffering from a small spaceship of milk delivery for you own.

    1. If the repair cost and do not have enough fuel, cattle appeared.
    After you click on an ad and then return to re-game, and supports 100% fuel, 100% ship repair.
    ( Store -> Cow -> Advertising touch -> 3 second after -> return game -> 100% fuel, 100% ship repair )

    2. Click the button to the left upper end -> The control buttons on the left created the lower end
    ->Click the button to the left upper end -> Behavior of the geomagnetic sensor -> ...

    3. It is fired missiles and laser keep your hand over the enemy ship followed.

    4. Before the enemy ship is strong, recommended to upgrade.

    5. Peace and the degree of the map information is 100%, enemy boss appeared.
    When you present a sense of insult to the enemy boss, move the following areas will be displayed.

    6. Click on the appropriate region on the map as necessary to move to other regions.

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