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    Published: 2014-02-05, by Janel.

    Sprint, jump, and dodge through smoky battlefields in an Earth VS Mars-themed endless runner

    • Randomly generated 3D levels
    • Super sweet mix of past and sci-fi
    • Can shift controls to tap or tilt as you please
    • Constantly changing challenges
    • Levels off for explosion sound effects

    "Little green men, they ain't"

    Take one part history, two parts space invaders, a good dash of lightning reflexes, a heaping helping of of smoke and explosions, and add heroism to taste. Sprint, jump, and dodge til it starts to smell a lot like napalm in the morning. No way to stick a toothpick into TheSecretLocation's The Great Martian War and have it come out anything less than besmirched with gunpowder and alien guts.

    Fearless soldier Gus Lafonde sprints through the fields and trenches at your command, swerving round tanks and sliding beneath towering alien menaces in exceedingly close calls. Constantly falling artillery makes it seem like the world's on fire; avoid the attacks and pick up rations and living metal alien tech on your way.

    The well-rendered 3D levels are randomly generated, so it's a new experience every time you hit the ground running. Constantly updated challenges plus WWI-themed power-ups keep gameplay fresh.

    The near-constant blasts add realism, but are also the one complaint I have. The levels seem to be off such that the peaks of the effect get cut, causing a strange audio effect.

    TheSecretLocation's The Great Martian War is an alien blast from the past.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Feb 05, 2014


    The Martians have invaded! Can you survive long enough to save Earth from extinction?

    It's 1913, and war is hell—especially when the enemy you must face are terrifying Martian warriors. You are Gus Lafonde, fearless scout and soldier—and you must survive. The future of the planet—along with every human being—depends on you.

    Navigate vast battlefields as you evade sneaky land mines, deafening artillery strikes, massive tanks, and towering Martian war machines.

    Collect Rations and Victisite (the living metal that powers the alien machines) to unlock powerups.

    Will the Martians reign supreme and destroy the world as we know it? Or will the Human Race find a way to defeat the alien invaders?

    'You owe it to yourself and your Android to grab it' - Android Shock


    • Virtually endless gameplay: Randomly-generated levels allow for non-stop fun.

    • Visceral combat: Immersive 3D visuals and sound effects place you in the middle of the Martian War.

    • Massive scale: Escape through vast environments and exciting set pieces as you progress through 18 player levels.

    • Period-specific battle gear: Beat the odds with World War I-themed powerups.

    • Achieve the impossible: In-game achievements challenge you to finish your mission and collect rewards.

    • Dynamic content: The Martian War universe is always expanding with ongoing content updates and new features!

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